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Fort Point Apartment Building Could Bust Through Area's Height Limit

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Proposal calls for more than 20 stories at 7 Channel Center

Add more development drama to busy, busy Fort Point: Developer Berkeley Investments wants to plunk a more than 20-story tower at 7 Channel Center with around 200 apartments and street-level retail. Some of those apartments would be live-work housing for creatives and so-called innovation units for the tech-inclined.

The plans are just that—Berkeley has yet to file anything with the city—but the Globe's Tim Logan rightfully points out that the building "would be the biggest shot of new housing into the area since 20-story luxury apartment building 315 on A opened three years ago."

The development's most formidable obstacle could end up being its scope. Buildings in that part of Boston are currently limited to no more than 75 feet. The 7 Channel Center project, at more than 20 stories, would presumably be much taller. Stay tuned.