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South End Development Boom Echoes Ever Louder With Latest Plans

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Robert A.M. Stern-designed building would add 280 apartments, condos

We've known for a while that the South End site of the shuttered Quinzani's Bakery and the Ho Kong Bean Sprout Co. off Harrison Avenue was going to be redeveloped into something sizable.

More details have now spilled forth: Developer Related Beal, the same folks behind the parking-less Lovejoy Wharf and a lot of the recent construction in Bulfinch Triangle, plan to put up a 14-story residential building with 175 apartments and 105 condos as well as underground parking. Robert A.M. Stern's firm would design the building.

Plans are still preliminary, and the city has not O.K.'d anything yet. But such a development would easily fit with the general construction milieu gripping that area of Boston (think the Ink Block, Troy Boston, and the Lucas, for starters). We're guessing, then, that this new addition is only a matter of time.