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North Quincy Apartment Complex Would Join City's Construction Boom

Plans call for 579 units around a Red Line stop

Quincy is seeing a relative ton of residential development of late, much of it clustered around the city's Red Line stops. There is the 169-unit West of Chestnut in Quincy Center, part of a much larger complex underway, and the 180-unit Deco near the Quincy Adams stop. And hundreds of more units planned in projects in spots such as Quarry Hills, Quincy Point, and Marina Bay.

Add another to the list, this one definitely proximate to the Red Line: a $205,000,000 plan to build a 600,000-square-foot, 579-unit apartment complex on a lot around the North Quincy T stop. The MBTA owns the lot and would lease it to a development team for 99 years for a grand total of $230,000,000 over the life of the lease.

The complex would incorporate the parking that the lot is used for through a garage with 1,307 spaces, a majority of which would be available to T riders.

Plans are still in motion for this latest Quincy number and nothing is yet definitive. While the MBTA board has signed off on the leasing deal, the city has yet to give its O.K. And that O.K. is far from assured. Per Nestor Ramos in the Globe: "Angst among some neighbors ... helped kill a similar proposal for the North Quincy site more than a decade ago." Stay tuned.

MBTA-North Quincy

W Squantum St, Quincy, MA