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What Brighton Condos Cost Right Now

Average is $498 a square foot

Everyone knows that Brighton is changing, what with new condos and the massive new Boston Landing getup, which includes a corporate HQ for New Balance as well as a practice rink for the Bruins. Wondering, then, what condos ask out there in Boston's western gateway?

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX analyzed market-rate condo listings from March and came away with some insight.

  • The average asking price for a Brighton condo in March was $498 per square foot.
  • Beneath the average is a wide range, from $786 per square foot all the way down to $343. See the chart below.

A couple of further notes: That priciest square-footage total is for a spread at the newish Lancaster complex, which includes a garaged parking space, deeded storage, and a 250-square-foot terrace. Such sweeteners might skew the price. Of course, as NeighborhoodX's Constantine Valhouli points out, Unit 4 at 172 Newton Street comes with two parking spaces and it's asking below the Brighton average.

Now, if the neighborhood can just do something about its condo fees ...