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Cambridge's Most Expensive Home Sells Pretty Much Instantaneously

Dropped a week ago for $4.25M

The 4,364-square-foot Victorian at 32 Bowdoin Street just north of the Harvard Square area in busy, busy Cambridge dropped on March 30 for $4,250,000. That sum made the 10-room house the city's most expensive home on the market, well ahead of the second-priciest, 44 Walker Street, a Victorian asking $3,898,000 and coming with one stellar yoga studio.

Thirty-two Bowdoin comes with a workout studio itself as well as a mudroom, a spacious main suite, five bedrooms total, and a sizable deck as well as a patio. The house was overhauled in 2010, according to the Gibson Sotheby's listing, "rebuilt from stern to stern."

Which appears to have done the trick: 32 Bowdoin went under contract within a week of its listing. Stay tuned for the closing.