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Boston Rent Comparison: What $6,000 a Month Gets You

Including in Bay Village, Charlestown, and downtown

Boston is one of only a handful of U.S. cities—North-American ones, really—where $6,000 does not seem all that absurd for a monthly rent. Yes, it's a lot, but, in the grand scheme of the city, it's not that far out of the question for a lot of residents (which is a big part of the reason rents in general are so high here).

Though we would hasten to add that $6K, however pricey, does not appear to guarantee accoutrements such as parking or outdoor space.

We start on the 12th floor of 1 Avery Street, one of the Ritz Carlton towers. Unit 12F is a corner spread with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and some 1,085 square feet. The rent covers one valeted parking space, too.


Also in downtown Boston is Unit 305 at 44 Winter Street (a.k.a. the Winter Street Apartments). It's a 4-BR, 2-BA. No parking, though, and the square-footage isn't listed.


Now to tiny Bay Village, where Unit 4 at 38A Melrose Street offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms over its 1,768 square feet.


Let's go much farther out, to the northern reaches of Charlestown and the newish Rutherford Landing complex at 463 Rutherford Avenue. There, Unit 401's $6,000 rent includes two garaged parking spaces. The apartment has three bedrooms and three bathrooms over its 1,840 square feet.


We return to the Ritz Carlton to wrap things—this time to 3 Avery Street and Unit 308, a 2-BR, 3-BA spread over 1,343 square feet. The $6K monthly includes a parking space.