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Faneuil Hall's Giant Inflatable Fruit Tree Readies for Its Big Debut

23-foot sculpture part of Museum of Fine Arts exhibit

At 12:30 p.m. on Friday, the Museum of Fine Arts is hosting a public installation of a 23-foot, inflatable fruit tree outside of Faneuil Hall, one of Boston's biggest tourist attractions (and rightfully so). Seoul-based artist Choi Jeong Hwa created the fabric sculpture as part of the MFA's "Megacities Asia" exhibit.

The colorful selection of fruits and veggies that are a part of the tree are meant to invoke a sense of inquisitiveness re: what's natural and what's not. The tree looks natural, sure, but upon closer inspection it's not.

Friday's installation of what Hwa calls "Fruit Tree" will involve the actual inflation. (That in itself might be a work of art, we imagine.) The tree will remain outside Faneuil Hall into late July, when the "Megacities Asia" exhibit wraps.