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Jamaica Plain Architectural Hybrid Is a Foodie Paradise

And on sale now for $1.75M

The 3,472-square-foot, nine-room house at 31 Parley Avenue in busy, busy Jamaica Plain is a kind of architectural hybrid, with Colonial Gambrel and Dutch Shingle (and variants of each) laying legitimate claim to the spread's style. What's truly interesting, though, is the culinary detail. The chef's kitchen in particular is rustically striking and then there's an entire room dedicated to wine-tasting.

The house recently hit the sales market through Gibson Sotheby's Mary Kelleher for $1,749,000. It was on the market for much of 2015 for a ton more—$1,925,000, before the price tumbled to $1,890,000 and the listing disappeared in November (and the seller switched brokerages). We'll see what happens this go-round.