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Chestnut Hill Tudor Asking $3.5M Could Be Region's Most Ornate Fixer-Upper

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There's even a demolition permit for the newly listed property

At first glance, the 15-room, 5,485-square-foot Tudor at 6 Woodchester Drive in Chestnut Hill is inarguably stunning, especially for fans of baroque (and you know who you are). The house dates from 1929, and has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and five fireplaces. It also has probably the most ornate breakfast nook in Greater Boston (it's pictured above).

And, yet. The Unlimited Sotheby's International listing presents 6 Woodchester as fantastic, yes, but also as a property with "many possibilities. Renovate/expand the existing home and create an ~10K sf gated palace with a massive private yard. Zoned SR2, builders can create 2 new homes (one ~6K sf & one ~5K sf ). Demolition Permit was applied for in Nov. 2015 and should not reset with a sale."

In other words, 6 Woodchester is (im)probably the most stunning fixer-upper/handyman's delight/teardown candidate/etc. in a region teeming with them. Or one could just dig the existing opulence. The tag for even having the choice? $3,500,000. Stay tuned.