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Bulfinch Triangle Hotel Has Some Neighbors Upset Over Its Height

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No-frills inn would run to roughly 160 feet

The proposed 13-story, 74-room boutique hotel at 88 North Washington Street in the fast-changing West End-North End borderlands has some neighbors upset about its proposed height: roughly 160 feet when the mechanicals are taken into account.

The area (a.k.a. the Bulfinch Triangle) is supposed to have a 100-foot ceiling, but that's been broken before: See the 160-foot workforce-housing development under construction nearby. "It's frankly obnoxious," one opponent told, vowing possible legal action to stop the project, which has yet to get an OK from the city.

As for the hotel itself, developer Tom McKay intends to target it toward the middle of Boston's scorching-hot market ($180 per night, say). It would have a small cafe on the second floor; and most floors would each have five tiny rooms of about 200 square feet. And that name? It's an amalgam, of course, of North Washington. We fully support such nicknaming.