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Big Reveal: the South End Studio With Roof Access

Turns out price was just slashed significantly, so everyone's wrong!

Address: 30 Worcester Square, #10

Price: $429,000

The Skinny: Everyone's wrong about this tiny, busy puppy in the Worcester Square area of the game-change-y South End. Why? Because the 532-square-foot studio with a gas fireplace, a heated bathroom floor, and a retractable ladder to some private roof space chopped its price a cool $30,000 three days ago.

So, when we launched this latest PriceSpotter, the correct asking was $459,000. A plurality of readers (27.75 percent) guessed just that. But that is no longer the tag. Oh, what a housing market. The second-biggest vote-getter, incidentally, was $562,000, with just over 23 percent of the vote. That's way off, though, especially now.