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Three-Building Seaport District Development Moving Forward

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Will add 735 apartments, condos to housing-starved neighborhood

The Boston Redevelopment Authority on Thursday evening O.K.'d one of the biggest Seaport District projects to date: a three-building development along Seaport Boulevard in Seaport Square (Seaport!) that will have 735 condos and apartments over 3.5 acres, plus 125,000 square feet of retail and 300,000 square feet of underground parking.

Pasadena, Calif.-based Cottonwood Management hopes to start construction on all three towers before the end of 2016, and finish in the next three years. The latest plans have one tower with 275 condos, another with 180 condos, and a third with 280 apartments (or condos, depending on the market). There will also be a pedestrian mall called Atrium Lane and a central plaza called Harbor Square.

Undoubtedly, the residences will be a welcome presence in the housing-starved Seaport (though the condo prices will surely run to the higher-end). Said Cottonwood principal (and M.I.T. grad) Alex Shing: "To make a neighborhood, you need residents. And you need people who will put down roots. We see a lot of demand for ownership there."