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West Roxbury's Allandale Residences Moving Forward Despite Fears of Change

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Some object to scope, impact

The Boston Redevelopment Authority late last week signed off on the 20-unit Allandale Residences at 64 Allandale Street in Roslindale archrival West Roxbury. Developer WonderGroup is calling the project "Boston's first entirely net-zero and LEED Platinum neighborhood." In other words, it is slated to be seriously environmentally friendly, not least by creating all of the energy it uses.

The development proved to be controversial because of its scope for the largely single-family and small-multi-family West Roxbury and because of the potential impact on the urban wild that is Allandale Woods. The Walsh administration, however, swung behind the project as part of its goal to create 53,000 new housing units by 2030, including in areas not used to relatively large-scale development.

As it stands, the Allandale Residences will involve building 16 new townhouses and converting an existing single-family into four units. The 16 units will be built in five separate clusters. And, to smooth things over a bit, the WonderGroup plans to donate $50,000 to the city for the benefit of Allandale Woods.

Construction is expected to take 18 to 24 months, and Boston's Merge Architects has the assignment. The new townhouses, all of them 3-BRs and running to at least three and a half stories, will have wood siding and blend into the sloping terrain.