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Renovated Cambridge Colonial Asking $11.5M, a Potential Record for the City

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Sleekly modern spread runs to 15 rooms, including at least five bedrooms

The 7,258-square-foot Colonial at 47 Raymond Street in Cambridge has hit the market for $11,500,000. Should the house command anywhere near that amount, we are fairly certain it would constitute a record home sale for the city (which is no stranger to gargantuan tags).

The 15-room spread, listed through Hammond Residential, was massively renovated and updated about 10 years ago. The redo left the circa 1893 house with a sleekly modern look that various state-of-art heating, cooling, and media technologies augment throughout. Oh, and there's a 4,000-bottle wine cellar. And a heated driveway and a reflecting pool.

Will 47 Raymond command an eight-figure price normally reserved for the likes of Beacon Hill townhouses or Back Bay mega-condos? Sit tight.