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Dorchester Queen Anne Comes With Veritable Parking Lot

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13-room spread includes children's cottage out back

The 13-room, 2,687-square-foot Queen Anne Victorian at 387 Ashmont Street in Dorchester has a lot to recommend it: at least six bedrooms; three fireplaces; a "secret" staircase; two butler pantries; a children's cottage in the fenced-in backyard. What really pops, though, is the potential for parking for six—two in the garage and four more elsewhere on the property.

Speaking of potential, the Coldwell Banker listing talks openly of the possibility of remodeling 387 Ashmont, starting with a conversion of said garage into working space for a creative. The cost of the opportunity? $550,000. We should warn you, though: There is a sale pending for the house after less than a week on the market. Ah, Dorchester.