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Boston Price Comparison: What $500,000 Buys Right Now

Including in Charlestown, Roslindale, and Southie

A half-million dollars in Boston can buy anywhere from a 1-BR in a full-service condo building in a more central area such as Charlestown to a 4-BR (or more) house in outer neighborhoods such as Roslindale. As for sweeteners such as parking and outdoor space, that depends, again, on the location. Still, $500K is quite the entree in Boston.

We'll start in Charlestown, at the Parris Landing complex at 42 Eighth Street. Unit 5105 is a 666-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA asking $500,000 even. The building is full-service, and the condo comes with a valet parking space. Condo fee indeterminate.


The single-family house at 198 Byron Street in East Boston needs some TLC (like so many other promising properties in Boston). For the privilege of remaking the 3-BR, 1-BA, 1,550-square-foot spread with a big yard and bones in the 1910s, it will cost $499,900.


Unit 1 at 56 Green Street in Jamaica Plain is a 2-BR, 2-BA running to 1,050 square feet. It was renovated five years ago and the condo fee is $176. No parking, though. Price: $499,900.


An off-street parking space is included in the $499,000 tag of Unit 1 at 12 I Street in Southie. The 848-square-foot 2-BR, 1-BA includes 450 square feet of dedicated basement storage (a dedicated W/D is also in the building's basement). The condo fee is $150.


The Farmhouse Colonial at 202 Metropolitan Avenue in Roslindale is a 4-BR, 2-BA running to 1,500 square feet. The single-family dates from 1890 and comes with a fenced-in yard, plus a porch. The asking price is $499,000.

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