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Fenway's 2 Charlesgate West Would Run to 340 Feet, Be Condo-Apartment Hybrid

Existing building has to go to make way

We've known for a while that developer Trans National planned to demolish its headquarters at 2 Charlesgate West in Fenway and construct a residential tower of at least 300 feet in its place. Now we know more specific details about the proposal, which the developer is about to file with the city.

The building, designed by architects about town Elkus Manfredi, would run to 340 feet, making it one of the taller new buildings in Fenway in recent memory. Per Catherine Carlock at the Business Journal, it would be a mix of 325 apartments and condos; and would include retail and office space.

Nothing is finalized, though, and Trans National has bigger fish to fry besides: It is one of six bidders to redevelop the Financial District's Winthrop Square Garage. Stay tuned.