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How Much for a Renovated Vic in Cambridgeport With Ready-to-Use Barbecue?

There are four bedrooms, too


What/Where: a 4-BR, 3-BA attached Victorian townhouse in Cambridge's Cambridgeport neighborhood


Square Footage: 2,268

The Skinny: This special Renovation Week edition of PriceSpotter zeroes in on a recently renovated townhouse down by Memorial Drive and the Charles River in busy, busy Cambridge. The spread includes four bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as 9.5-foot ceilings on the lower floor and 8-foot ones on the upper.

There's central air and in-unit laundry, too, but what really makes this property potentially hot is the apparent inclusion of a barbecue grill in the listing price. How much will that be worth this summer? A chance to vote after the photos!