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Boston-Area Apartment Rents at the Start of Spring

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Region still third-priciest in the nation

Real estate listings site Zumper is out with its spring rental report for the Boston area. It culled the rents at available apartments in April in different neighborhoods, and came up with medians in each for 1-BRs and 2-BRs. Below is a handy map for the 1-BRs.

From the report:

At a median of $3,110 for one bedroom units, Downtown Boston was the most expensive neighborhood for renters last month. Close behind, East Cambridge ($3,000), D Street – West Broadway ($2,900), and Cambridgeport ($2,800) were the next priciest areas. More affordable neighborhoods, with rentals for less than $1,800, included Commonwealth, Allston, and Mission Hill.

Overall, 1-BRs were asking a median rent of $2,310 in April and 2-BRs were asking a median of $2,650 (which means half were pricier, half were cheaper). Both figures represented slight increases from March. More here. Also, Boston remains the third-most-expensive area nationally to rent a 1-BR, according to Zumper. Take that, Oakland.