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Boston Not Among Top U.S. Cities for College Grads, Report Says

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Housing costs have a lot to do with it

Real estate listings site Trulia is out with a new analysis of the best cities for college graduates. Perfect timing given the plethora of commencements hereabouts. Perhaps the biggest surprise? That Boston is not among the top 10 cities for the newly minted BAs and BSs. From the analysis:

Our Graduate Opportunity Index ranks metropolitan areas based on three criteria: (1) the LinkedIn New Grad Job Score, which rates metros based on the share of job openings suitable for recent college grads, (2) Trulia’s New Grad Affordability Score, which is the share of rental units considered as affordable to a new grad based on their median salary, and (3) the share of total population that is between the ages of 22 and 30 with a college degree.

So, in other words, job opportunities and housing costs that won't break the bank. Big surprise, then, that Boston isn't up there with the likes of Pittsburgh and Indianapolis (see below).

Boston can perhaps take solace from the two Trulia rankings below: The city is not among the weakest and it is among the top 10 for potential earnings.