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10 Fabulous Ideas for Redoing/Replacing Boston's Old Northern Avenue Bridge

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Parkland, swimming pools, galleries!

Boston's Old Northern Avenue Bridge (a.k.a. just the Northern Avenue Bridge) is in the process of being dismantled due to deterioration. The 108-year-old expanse has been closed to vehicles since 1997 and pedestrians since 2014, and the Coast Guard warned last fall that it could collapse into the Fort Point Channel.

Nobody wants that. Instead, the city and others want to restore the bridge somehow. To that end, Boston and the Boston Society of Architects launched a design competition in March, complete with a jury to judge official winners and an online poll for a People's Choice award.

The results are in. The competition garnered 133 entries, including 34 essays. Herein are some of the coolest (we think) ideas proffered.

Whether any of these get turned into reality remains to be seen. But the city says the competition gave it something to think about, namely not resurrecting the same old swing bridge, but a kind of multi-use public Valhalla on the water.