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Watertown Victorian Jumps From 'This Old House' to This Hot Sales Market

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Wants $1.5M following epic redo

The 11-room, 4,689-square-foot Victorian at 57 Russell Avenue in not-so-sleepy Watertown has a lot going for it: among other things, that airy spaciousness; five bedrooms; a chef's kitchen with two dining areas, plus a walkout deck and garden; stained glass; four working fireplaces; and a nearly 16,000-square-foot plot of landscaped land.

And then it's got a bit of PBS provenance: 57 Russell was featured on This Old House. Turns out the couple who bought the house back in 1998, when it was a "wreck ... this really oddly fixed together Victorian," teamed with the long-running show to redo 57 Russell pretty much from top to bottom.

The couple and their kids are decamping to Cambridge; and the Vic dating from 1888 is up for grabs through Compass for $1,500,000. It had traded in 1998 for $670,000 (or about $983K in today's dollars). That was pre-renovation, of course.