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Follow Along as a Couple Renovates Their Dream House in East Boston

The working-class cottage needs a lot of work

A young couple in busy, busy East Boston is living the modern urban dream: fixing up an old house. The pair closed on the working-class cottage (an actual architectural style from the early and middle 19th century) in December 2015, and then set about getting financing for the many repairs needed.

And there are many. Becca, one half of the couple, writes in their blog about the ongoing renovations: "Over the last 140+ years, the house has had only 6 owners, the most recent of which bought the house over 50 years ago. They had…special tastes."

Below is a photo of the cottage's exterior when they closed on it nearly six months ago (it's located toward the base of Eagle Hill, and is one of the relatively few single-family homes in the area).

This is a photo of the exterior today:

Working-class cottage renovation in Eastie

Becca and KC are regularly updating their blog, Where Does the Bar Go?, with everything from details about the designs of their dream home (they want a beachy look and feel) to that financing behind the renovations. Follow along, and wish them luck.