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Cambridge Condo Sells in 19 Days for $1.1M Over Its Asking Price

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Sets per-square-foot record for the city

The 2,170-square-foot, five-room Unit 1105 in Cambridge's 975 Memorial Drive hit the sales market on April 27 for $6,000,000. A deal for the 3-BR, 3.5-BA closed on May 16 for $7,100,000. That is $1.1M over the asking price, an astounding feat even in a city used to titanic over-asks (never mind that it took just 19 days from listing to close).

Unit 1105's sale price also makes it the most expensive condo ever traded in Cambridge, at least in recent memory. It's also likely the second-priciest home sale, period, behind only 30 Gerrys Landing Road, which went for $7.5M in July 2015. According to broker and analyst David Bates, Unit 1105's per-square-foot price of $3,272 is a Cambridge record.