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Boston Housing Prices by T Stop: Where It's Priciest, Cheapest to Buy

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Silver most expensive line to buy along, Blue least

Above is part of an indispensable map for those actively house-hunting in the Thunderdome that is the Greater Boston housing market. Compiled by real estate search engine Estately, it shows the median sales prices during the past six months for residential properties within a half-mile radius of T stops.

Not surprisingly perhaps, the priciest T stops to buy near were in ever-enviable Back Bay: Arlington, Copley, and soon-to-change-forever Back Bay Station itself. The Silver was the most expensive line to buy along in general, followed by various branches of the Green Line. As for least expensive stops to buy near, those were Beachmont and Revere Beach along the Blue. The Blue in general was the cheapest line to buy along.