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Fenway's 2 Charlesgate West: the Neighborhood's Next Big Tower?

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It would have 300 apartments and condos

Fenway could get a 300-unit tower at 2 Charlesgate West just south of the turnpike. Apartments and condos would comprise the building, which would also "have a significant impact on the gateway to the Fenway neighborhood" through improvements to nearby public space as well as to the Boylston and Ipswich street corridors.

That's according to would-be developer Trans National, which owns 2 Charlesgate West (and has its headquarters there). The company referenced its Fenway plans in its proposal for redeveloping the Financial District's Winthrop Square Garage (h/t Bldup for catching the reference). Trans National has yet to file plans for 2 Charlesgate West with the city, though, so stay tuned.

Should the estimated $250,000,000 project move forward, it would join myriad other developments reshaping Fenway, including the Pierce Boston and Van Ness.