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Seaplane From Boston to New York: How Much Would a Ticket Cost?

And is the demand really there?

Two airlines this week will each test taking off and landing a nine-passenger Cessna Caravan in Boston Harbor. It's part of an arms race of sorts to deliver the first commercial seaplane service between Boston and New York, according to the Globe's Jon Chesto.

Plans go back at least two years, and neither Cape Air nor Tailwind, the airlines, have federal permission to start zipping off the surf, into the great blue yonder, and down to a Manhattan pier-side landing in 90 minutes door-to-door.

Yet, the demand appears to be there, even though round-trip tickets are expected to cost around $1,000. And seaplanes have worked well recently in other cities such as Miami, Seattle, and New York. (Boston's last commercial seaplanes probably landed in the mid-1940s.) Plus, Boston lacks a public helipad. Can't have that, not with GE coming.

Federal authorities are consulting other authorities, including the Coast Guard. So stay tuned.