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7 Boston Home Offices Better Organized Than Yours

All at different price points, all with ideas for cutting clutter

Home offices in Boston don’t have to be cluttered dens of paper stacks, old magazines, and stuck mugs hosting the spores from coffee three days old. They can be organized; they can be clean; they can be sparsely adorned; and they can be brilliantly lighted. Here are seven such home offices in the city.

They are all in homes currently for sale and are at different price points. None of the furniture comes with the offices (though some do include built-in shelves and cabinetry). But the setups should inspire you to declutter your current pile, and therefore, hopefully, declutter your brain as well.

Happy Monday. Next workweek is a short one, remember.

This home office is part of a 3,110-square-foot townhouse at 13 Wellington Street in the Back Bay-South End borderlands. Built-in shelves and cabinets obviously make its organization work as does the fact that you don’t have a lot of space: either sit at that desk and TCB, or don’t. Price for the whole shebang? $2,795,000.


Not every soul can afford a 27th-floor perch at the W Boston, but, should you find yourself with $2,645,000 to blow, perhaps consider Unit 27B in the downtown tower? The office there is heavy on monitors: two TVs and the computer itself.

And then there are plenty of cabinets, shelves and drawers. And a treadmill. Real Master of the Universe stuff here.


This spread in an 1,809-square-foot spread in the South End’s newish Royal exemplifies a very common situation for many Boston offices: They’re not standalone, but rather a part of another room entirely. In this case, the office is tucked into one of the $2.59M condo’s three bedrooms. Kudos for the extra filing space beneath the bed.


The home office in this 1,506-square-foot condo at 30 Rutland Square in the South End is proof that such a space need not be ornate nor stuffy. It can just be (and usually is) a nook or an alcove or a separate room adorned with little more than a desk, a laptop, and a chair.

And maybe something else. Like an old-fashioned standing globe or a chair with inspirational stuff stenciled into it. The price for the entire condo is $1,679,000.


Going to the office doesn’t always mean going to sit in front of a computer. This home workspace can be found in a 2,791-square-foot townhouse for sale at 18 Thomas Park in South Boston. Plug in, crack your knuckles, and get to it. The total tag here is $1,295,000.


This 1,647-square-foot, one-year-old townhouse at 213 Lamartine Street in Jamaica Plain cradles a simple, sparse office perfect for concentration. If the surroundings don’t help you focus, then the copious amounts of natural light from the opposing windows surely will.

Plus, we like the cleanness of the space, owing to the newness of the townhouse, which is asking $890,000.


Another South Boston home office, this one inside 157 Gold Street, a renovated single-family asking $699,000. A very well-organized space, indeed, with just enough shelves and drawers. The coup de grace, though, is the instant access to the outdoors.