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Allston Home Prices Right Now: 15 North Beacon Street Skews Everything

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Neighborhood’s average asking price at nearly $500/foot

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX is out with a new analysis of Allston home prices for June. The average listing price for a market-rate condo or house in the neighborhood is $479 a square foot (excluding properties positioned as redevelopment sites). The range of asking prices to get to this average runs from $370 to $645.

Now, as you can see from the graph above, two units at 15 North Beacon Street, perhaps Allston’s swankiest condo complex, are skewing everything upward. These units both have deeded garage parking, and Unit 904 has outdoor space. But! The cheapest listing here, No. 1 at 14 Park Vale, also has an assigned parking space, though not garaged. So go figure...

Also, one final note: NeighorhoodX included two properties here that are currently accepting contingent offers as they are under contract: that Unit 904 at 15 North Beacon and Unit 101 at 47 Litchfield Street. Why? Because, like just about everywhere, inventory is super-tight in Allston.