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Are JP, Davis Square, and Allston/Brighton the Boston Area’s Coolest Neighborhoods?

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At least one report thinks so

Commercial real estate brokerage Cushman & Wakefield recently came out with a report on the supposed 100 coolest neighborhoods in America. Three Boston-area enclaves made the list: Jamaica Plain, Davis Square, and Allston-slash-Brighton.

None were among the coolest 15 neighborhoods nationally, but each did fairly well on metrics such as "Diversity," "Bicycle Friendly," and "FoodieScore." The Globe’s Tim Logan speaks for many when he writes:

Yes, it’s all just a bit ridiculous, and probably no surprise to anyone who knows Boston well. But, of course, the more glossy national real estate reports that come out touting hip ‘hoods, the higher rents will go. That’s good for landlords, if not necessarily for the businesses and their clientele that populate these neighborhoods today.

What’d you think? We would have put Dorchester front and center, with Fort Point close behind and maybe even have tossed Eastie into the mix. Have at it in the comments section herein.