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Boston Subway, Bus Fares Go Up July 1: Here’s By How Much

Commuter-rail riders also facing increases

Subway, bus, and other fares are going up July 1 as the MBTA tries to raise millions for achingly needed capital improvements to trains, tracks, etc.

The adult fare for a bus ride is increasing 10 cents to $1.70 and the adult fare for a subway ride is increasing 15 cents to $2.25. These fare increases also apply to riders using CharlieCards.

LinkPasses are going up $9.50 to $84.50, and seven-day LinkPasses are going up $2.25 to $21.25. There will also be increases for commuter-rail riders and for special groups such as seniors and students.

A complete rundown of the MBTA’s new fares can be found here.