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Boston Home Prices Toward Mid-Summer: How the Neighborhoods Compare

Back Bay, Beacon Hill in the lead

Listing prices for market-rate properties currently on the Boston market range from $124 a square foot in Mattapan to $2,615 a square foot in Beacon Hill, according to a new analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX. The analysis provides a fantastic snapshot of where Boston (and Cambridge) home prices are mid-summer.

A few quick takeaways:

  • Averages by neighborhood range from $221 a foot in Mattapan and $225 in Hyde Park to $1,166 a foot in Back Bay to $1,322 in Beacon Hill.
  • Brighton’s priciest property ($1,039/foot) is close in price to that Back Bay average of $1,166 a foot.
  • The most expensive property in Mattapan ($335/foot) is less expensive than the most affordable property in Allston ($370).
  • And East Boston’s most expensive property ($700/foot) is priced just below Back Bay’s least expensive property in Back Bay ($734).
  • Consolidated Price Ranges: June 2016 [NeighborhoodX]