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Renovated East Boston Rowhouse Sets Neighborhood Price Record

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Its architect owner spent seven years on refurbishments

Architect (and former carpenter) Lyle Bradley bought the rundown rowhouse at 33 Everett Street in East Boston in 2005. He then spent seven years renovating the 780-square-foot, two-story expanse, creating a bright, airy contemporary.

How’d he do it, exactly?

Among other changes, Bradley moved the staircase, which cut the house in half, against a wall and placed a skylight above it. He also added built-in shelves and desk space, and a couch that extended from that newly moved staircase. All along, he used salvaged materials, including, for the kitchen, a butcher block his mother was going to throw away.

Finally, Bradley put his creation up for sale. It did swimmingly: A deal for 33 Everett closed this week through listing broker Paul Campano for $460,000. (Campano is no stranger to record-breaking deals in the neighborhood.) That pencils out to $590 a square foot, or well above the previous single-family record for Eastie of $420.