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Cambridge Second Empire With 10 Rooms and Two Decks Drops for $4.2M

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Last of its kind in the city architecturally

The Loring-Pierce House at 6 Kirkland Place just off Harvard Square in Cambridge dates from 1856 and is done in the Second Empire style. It is the only residence left in Cambridge that local architect Horace Greenough designed (not to be confused with the similarly named sculptor).

The 10-room, 5,215-square-foot spread with two decks just dropped through Hammond for $4,200,000. That is considerably more than the house commanded the last time it sold: $2,625,000 in May 2008. That is likely because (a) the Cambridge luxury housing market has turned from hot to searingly hot and (b) extensive renovations wrapped in 2008, around the time of the last sale.