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Boston's Old South Meeting House to Have Serious Ceiling Work Done

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Millennium Tower developer ponying up most of the dough

Boston's Old South Meeting House, the history-soaked Georgian landmark dating from 1729, is set to have major restoration work done on its ceiling. The money for the work is coming from two sources: $95,000 from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund and $112,500 from Millennium Partners, the developer behind such Boston luxury projects as Millennium Place and Millennium Tower.

The coved-shaped ceiling runs to approximately 5,400 square feet and caps a building best-known as the birthplace of the Tea Party (no, not that one—the Revolutionary original from the early 1770s). The restoration is expected to begin in earnest after the annual Boston Tea Party reenactment in December and wrap by March 2017. The photo above, of one of those reenactments, shows the ceiling damage slated to be repaired.