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Back Bay Condo Is Testing That Saying About Location, Location, Location

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Garden-level number wants $1.1M

It's not that the garden-level condo at 109 Beacon Street in Back Bay is particularly awful. It's not at all. The 2-BR, 2-BA runs to 1,180 square feet in an 1860 brownstone and features a renovated kitchen and bathrooms. There's a W/D, too, and the rear opens onto a garden and a patio.

Nice, eh? Yet we suspect that what elevates the cozy condo as a plausible member of the Million Dollar Club of Greater Boston (it's asking $1.099M) is its location: near both the border with Beacon Hill and the Public Garden. Were it on the western edge of Back Bay, say, it might be asking two-thirds as much. Right?

We'll see what happens.