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Huge Esplanade Spread Skewing Average Price of Kendall Square Homes

Average without it is nearly $300 cheaper

The eight-room, 3,690-square-foot Unit 206-207 at Cambridge's Esplanade hit the market like a thunderstorm in late May. The three-balcony spread facing the Charles is asking more than $2,330 a square foot, a titanic sum even in Kendall Square.

Will it command that? We'll see. For now, the combined-unit condo is having a more immediate effect on the average home price for the busy, busy Kendall Square area: According to real estate research site NeighborhoodX, the average right now is $962 per square foot with the Esplanade listing and $689 without.

A sizable difference, that. The below breakdown is of market-rate houses and condos only, and excludes properties listed as development sites.