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Haymarket Hotel Plan Shrinks, But Lodge and Food Market Remain

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Nothing will be taller than six stories now

We've known for a while that downtown Boston's so-called Parcel 9 next to the Greenway would one day host a hotel. Following an often contentious bidding process, parcel owner MassDOT in mid-2013 picked a proposal from developers Normandy Real Estate Partners and Harbinger Development that called for a 180-room hotel with a food market and a glassy winter garden.

That plan quickly grew to a 225-room hotel in a complex rising to 10 floors. Now comes word that the developers have curbed the scope considerably. There is still the 225-room inn, but, rather than 10 stories, the complex will now rise to no more than six floors, or 65 feet.

Also, per Catherine Carlock at the Boston Business Journal, the plan still includes a food market as well, but it, too, has been scaled back to one story only. Normandy and Harbinger do not wish to wage a losing battle against the nearby Boston Public Market for one thing. Current plans also include a trio of 3,500-square-foot retail blocks.

The Parcel 9 proposal is still wending its way through the necessary approvals. Stay tuned.