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Buying a First Home in the Boston Area: How Did You Do It?

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Tell the world

‘Tis no secret that the Boston region is one of the most expensive areas in North America to buy a home, be it a snug condo or a more expansive single-family. For our latest Friday Open Thread, we want to hear from homeowners who did just that: bought a house or a condo in the Boston region.

Preferably, we’d like to hear horror stories and hopeful tales about the first time you bought, not about that time you sold the $200K Colonial two years later for $600,000.

Where’d you come up with the downpayment? How’d you find a broker? And that special property? Were there bidding wars? If so, precisely how many satchels full of cash did you have to show up with at the open house?

Spare nothing. People keep moving here and people want to know.