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Boston Rents By T Stop: Staying on the Train a Little Longer Can Make a Lot of Difference

Extra stop on the Orange Line, for instance, saves $150/month

Real estate search engine RentHop is out with the handy map above, which shows median 1-BR rents by T stop throughout the region. For each median monthly amount, the site analyzed all 1-BR listings within 500 meters of a T entrance, with 50 listings the threshold for consideration (thus some stops aren’t included because there was not enough data).

Apparently, staying on the train a bit longer can save a lot in rent. Per RentHop:

We found that an extra stop on the Orange line past Tufts Medical can save you $150 a month. Moving to Copley instead of Arlington on the Green can save $100 a month. Trekking to Andrew instead of Broadway on the Red is worth over $400 a month, and another $300+ if you choose to live near JFK/UMass.

Such savings would add up, of course. As for where rents have increased or decreased during the past 12 months, that’s obvious (check out the percentages next to the rental amounts).

What’s less obvious is any pattern in those ups and downs. Some more central locations have seen rent bounces and others slight declines (or only mild bounces). Wouldn’t they all be marching steeply upward?

Perhaps it’s that tenants are getting priced out of the pricier areas and their migration to the once-cheaper areas is driving up the rents there. Circle of life...