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Davis Square Duplex Is a Loft Done On an Industrial Scale

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20-foot ceilings, huge windows, a commercial kitchen—all for $2.25M

The 2,700-square-foot Unit 1E at 70 Howard Street in Somerville’s ever-changing Davis Square is absurdly capacious. Its ceilings run to more than 20 feet and its windows are positively industrial in their scope (no surprise: the condo is one of six carved from a former factory building).

There is also a steel staircase in the middle that is more than mere conveyance, but a part of the loft’s architectural allure. Same for the exposed timber frames and the polished concrete floor—both serve more than their function.

The first-level unit, which includes three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, comes with a private garden and patio. The asking price? $2,250,000 through Davis Design.