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Boston Globe Headquarters Sale: Newspaper Lands Mystery Buyer for Dorchester Site

Paper not revealing the source of the deal

We’ve known for quite a while that the Boston Globe will exit its Dorchester home of 58 years in 2017 for two floors in 53 State Street near City Hall in downtown Boston.

That exit has prompted speculation about what might replace the paper at its 16.5-acre site at 135 William T. Morrissey Boulevard, which includes an 815,000-square-foot building (which you might remember from the movies).

The speculation looks likely to continue, even though the Globe says it has a buyer for the site. Thing is, the paper’s executives are not revealing the buyer just yet because of a confidentiality agreement.

And, because the speculation continues, we’re going to go ahead and reiterate that a mixed-use development of some sort, heavy on residential, is likely to spring up at the old HQ. Just look what replaced the Boston Herald’s former home. It, too, was in an area that not many people thought could host luxury homes, fancy retail, etc.