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Dorchester vs. Jamaica Plain Condo Prices: How Two of Boston’s Larger Neighborhoods Compare

At the higher-end, they look awfully similar

Dorchester and Jamaica Plain are two of the biggest neighborhoods in Boston by area (Dorchester, in fact, is the biggest). They both also have a bountiful supply of condos, especially in housing-starved Boston.

How does those condos stack up in terms of price?

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX compared current Dot and JP market-rate condo listings to discover just that. The analysis does not include properties in foreclosure, income-restricted housing, and sites positioned as redevelopment possibilities.

So! What were the findings? JP condo prices ranged from $307 a square foot to $602 a square foot; and Dorchester ones ranged from $180 to $555. See the chart below (JP’s in yellow, Dot in gray).

As NeighborhoodX’s Constantine Valhouli notes, "prices at the top of the range for both neighborhoods are converging." And, as for the lower end, "there are still bargains to be found in Dorchester that are considerably more affordable than those in JP."