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Harvard Square vs. Kendall Square: How Their Housing Prices Compare

One far outpaces the other in average cost

The price range right now for Harvard Square homes is much narrower than in fellow Cambridge academic hub Kendall Square.

Prices in Harvard Square currently range from $815 a square foot to $910 a square foot, according to a new analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX. In Kendall, they range from $440 a foot to a whopping $2,140 a foot for that listing at the Esplanade. See the chart below for more (Harvard is in yellow, Kendall in gray).

As far as averages, Harvard has Kendall beat cold. The average Harvard price per square foot right now is $873 and the average in Kendall is $687.

A final note: NeighborhoodX analyzed only market-rate listings of homes not in foreclosure and excluded properties pitched as development possibilities.