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Boston Moving Companies Appear to Hike Prices Around Sept. 1

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That’s right when everyone’s relocating apartments, of course—is that fair?

The cost of hiring a moving company in the Boston region spikes around Sept. 1, smack-dab in the middle of the major moving season, according to a new analysis from real estate search site Sumu.

From the analysis: "We received quotes from eleven local moving companies for moving at different times of the year. More than half of the moving companies charged higher rates to move on September 1st as opposed to July 1st. The largest increase in price was A-Plus Movers’ with a 127% increase in their rates for a September 1st move."

The higher prices for an early September move are not necessarily that surprising. That is the time period when many, if not most, leases end and new ones begin. Hence, there’s a lot of demand for movers and the movers raise rates to take advantage of that demand.

Understandable, yes. But the Sumu analysis takes things a step further and questions the fairness of such surge pricing, especially given the frequency of moves for certain populations (students, young professionals) because of steadily escalating rents.

Unfortunately supply manipulation isn’t an option for moving companies. Moving companies can’t incentivize others to join the economy, permitting themselves to hike up their rates, taking advantage and exploiting this period of the high demand. Focusing on the already cost-burdened group of students is appalling, especially since the price-tag of tuition is already burning a hole in families’ pockets. A surge in the price of moving on September 1st is unfair for everyone.

What’d you think?