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Boston vs. Other Major Cities: How Far Does $1,500/Month Go?

In every place but NYC and San Fran, a lot further

It’s no surprise that rent goes a lot further in a lot more cities than it does in Boston. Real estate search site RentCafe is out with a new analysis that shows just how much further.

The site calculated the average apartment size in the nation’s 30 largest cities and then compared it with current average rents. That produced the average price per square foot in each city. RentCafe then used that average to compare what the tidy sum of $1,500 a month rents in each city.

In Boston, it lands a 399-square-foot apartment, on average, which seems about right. Only in New York City and San Francisco did $1,500 land a smaller apartment on average, with San Jose in fourth place (which also seems about right).

For further comparison, check out the breakout of Boston vs. Indianapolis above. For $1,500/month, one can rent a 386-square-foot, newish studio in Eastie. For the same amount in Indianapolis, one can rent an 1,800-square-foot 3-BR, 2.5-BA. That amount also grants access to a pool and includes private outdoor space.

Happy Monday.