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Redevelopment of Brighton’s Old St. Gabriel’s Monastery Could Start in Mid-2017

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Near 12-acre project to include five buildings

Developers Cabot, Cabot & Forbes and Peak Campus have filed fresh details with the Boston Redevelopment Authority re: their plans to redevelop the 11.8-acre site of the shuttered St. Gabriel’s Monastery in Brighton.

Plans now call for approximately 679 housing units (probably apartments) in three new buildings, plus the renovated St. Gabriel’s Monastery building itself and the site’s existing Pierce House. So five buildings, total, plus around 395 parking spaces.

The new details also more explicitly spell out the complex’s intended audience.

The development will be designed, built and marketed to serve a number of growing demographics, including but not limited to graduate students, young professionals, and other university affiliates such as residents, faculty and staff.

We’ve known about the academic focus for a while. The St. Gabriel’s conversion is one of several dormitory projects slated for a Boston desperate to move more of its college students out of the already hyper-competitive regular housing market.

The St. Gabriel’s developers hope to start construction in mid-2017, and wrap everything within two years.