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Chelsea house prices running nearly even with Dorchester on average

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Mean is $234 a square foot

The average asking price for a house in Chelsea is $234 a square foot, according to a new analysis of market-rate listings from real estate research site NeighborhoodX. That is comparable to the $254/foot average in Dorchester and, for that matter, the $224 one in Mattapan.

A wide range of prices created that Chelsea average. Asking tags ranged from $136 a square foot for 15 Beacon Place, a 3-BR, 2-BA on sale for $182,900, to $320 a foot at 56 Crescent Avenue, a 3-BR, 2-BA on sale for $399,995 total (and pictured above). See the chart below for more info.

Some further context from NeighborhoodX’s Constantine Valhouli: "The most expensive property in Chelsea ($320/foot) is pricier than the most-affordable properties in South Boston ($312), Jamaica Plain ($296), and Brighton ($285).

Chelsea (in)famously fell into state receivership in the 1990s and has struggled economically for decades. Change is afoot. New development is establishing the city of approximately 38,000 as a genuine alternative for those priced out of Boston proper, and the extension of the Silver Line into Chelsea promises better connectivity with the rest of the region.