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Citgo sign’s fate still up in the air despite building sale

Future owner Related Beal has not said whether it will keep the beacon

The news last week that developer Related Beal had confirmed it was close to purchasing nine Kenmore buildings from Boston University, including the one that supports the iconic Citgo sign, had fans of the beacon breathing a sigh of relief.

That sigh might be a little premature.

The developer has not said what will become of the sign, only that it plans to redevelop its new properties. That redevelopment will likely include a mix of offices and housing—and perhaps not the sign as it currently sits, unobstructed atop 660 Beacon Street.

Recall that earlier news of the BU sale had preservationists mounting a petition to save the sign. The university had made clear it could not compel a new building owner to retain it.

Related Beal, developer of such Boston projects as Lovejoy Wharf and Parcel 1B in Bulfinch Triangle, will detail its plans for the building—and, very likely, the sign—after its purchase closes. Stay tuned.