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Somerville’s Sycamore Street palace sees steep price-chops

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Colonial had been asking nearly $2.4M

The 5,525-square-foot colonial at 137 Sycamore Street seemed poised only a few months ago to set a new record for a Somerville that was seeing some of its beefiest housing prices ever.

The 5-BR, 3.5-BA with cathedral ceilings in the main bedroom suite and a three-car garage dropped for $2,395,000 the week before Thanksgiving 2015. That asking price made it a prime candidate for besting what was then the current record-holder in Somerville: $1,725,000 for 32 Foskett Street.

Alas, it was not to be. The price for 137 Sycamore has come down steadily since November, dipping below $2,000,000 in early April and to $1,888,000 as of this month.

As for that 32 Foskett record, newcomer to the market did trump it, and recently, too: The cavernous Unit 5 at 30 Howard Street closed in late July for $1,750,000.